Institutions of higher education in Berlin

Berlin has one of the largest and most diverse science landscapes in Europe. Flagships of the science location are the four major universities:

The future concepts of the Freie Universität Berlin and the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin have been honored in the nationwide excellence competition and both universities therefore have the status of the University of Excellence.

In addition to the four universities, in the Berlin higher education landscape there are:

  • 7 state universities of applied sciences (including two denominational universities of applied sciences)
  • more than 30 private universities

International orientation

The capital's science and research landscape is distinguished by a cosmopolitan and international outlook:

  • International, world-class scientists teach and conduct research at Berlin's universities
  • Around 19% of students in Berlin come from abroad
  • Around 400 university partnerships and collaborative projects are in place with international partners;
  • As an international network university, Freie Universität Berlin operates seven liaison offices worldwide

Academic life in Berlin by numbers

  • 49,053 employees in total, including
  • 31,557 scientific and artistic staff
  • 3,317 full-time professors
  • 187,235 students (WS 2017/18)
  • 31,000 graduates/year
  • 65,000 STEM students
  • Doctoral students (2017): 11,485

(Source: Berlin-Brandenburg Office of Statistics, 2017 Statistical Reports (Faculty and staff at Universities in Berlin 2016))