The large majority of public projects are not awarded EU-wide, but nationally. Through the smaller contract amounts (for delivery and services < 206,000 euros, construction < 5.15 million euros), these tenders are both important and interesting for SMEs. These contracts are only publicized in local, regional or national media, which makes the cross-border application process difficult and complex.

EEN-BB, along with 13 other partners from 9 European countries, has started an EU-funded project, the database European Tender Information System etis,  an online service for public tenders.

The tender service etis offers access to national tenders from Belgium, Germany, France, GB, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Austria and Poland, Switzerland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, as well as the European tenders in the TED database.

Through an individual search profile, etis allows for sector-specific research. Newly registered companies are able to test the database for 4 weeks, free of charge.


Seminars and webinars on "cross-border tenders" and "innovative procurement" provide valuable tips for successful participation in public tenders.