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Support in recruiting specialists

Nowhere in Germany is there currently such an increase in employment as in Berlin. In 2021, the number of employed people in Berlin increased by 0.9% to over 2 million people. With a growth rate of more than 7%, the largest share of the growth came from the economic sector “provision of information technology services”, in which almost 75,000 people currently work.  Other large branches of the economy are the retail trade with over 120,000 and the healthcare sector with around 118,000 employees subject to social security contributions.

Whether IT specialist or nursing professional – a large proportion of employees move to the capital specifically for a great job and the creative environment. In 2020 alone, the city welcomed more than 140,000 new Berliners. In addition, more than 215,000 talented people commute to work in Berlin every day from neighboring Brandenburg alone.

The Berlin Business Development Agency Berlin Partner for Business and Technology supports your company in attracting the right employees from this large and also international talent pool as well as attracting new talent to Berlin.

Our support services include:

  • Free placement of your job on our jobs portal
  • We promote this portal to talented professionals showing an interest in Berlin at international and German jobs and graduate fairs.
  • Support in the basic content and graphic design of jobs advertisements and the selection of communication channels and platforms appropriate for your target audience
  • Addition of the employer with its history, special jobs, and industry classification in the talent portal supports visibility and employer branding in the region
  • Distribution of your job advertisements in our network of over 50 free placement service providers incl. transfer/outplacement consultants
  • Consulting in the context of operational change situations with organizational and individual qualification needs. We advise all involved on opportunities, offers, and, if necessary, support programs and put them in contact with the right actors to implement the personnel development measures.

Our welcome offers

  • On our specialist portal, new Berliners will find many interesting articles about living and working in the city, as well as information about visas and work permits for international employees. The information can be actively discussed in the social hub.
  • Haptic information material about Berlin is available with our welcome packages (red felt bag with various information about life and arrival in Berlin as well as some details). Just let us know the required number & language (German/English) and we will provide them so you can send them to your new employees.
  • During our free welcome tours for new Berliners, we show the many different distinctive lifestyles available in the city's diverse neighbourhoods. Trained guides on the buses present Berlin as an attractive option to specialists and managers considering a move to the city.

Why Berlin?

„As one of the leading cultural centres in the world Berlin has an unrivalled ability to attract diverse people from all walks of life, allowing them to pursue their dreams. The city thrives on acceptance and distinguishes itself through not only the diversity of quality talent available but also how it serves as a gateway to other markets. Attracting the right talent is about having steady access to qualified digital experts and giving them more than a job but an environment conducive to work life integration. At the heart of all successful growth is culture, no city has a better track record of preserving and letting culture thrive than Berlin. The secret sauce setting the city apart with regards to hiring digital talent, this is the place where dreams scale and hiring thrives as all it takes is an exciting project.“

Mo Moubarak
Mo MoubarakHead of Business Development MoBerries
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