In a growing metropolis with good economic growth and a continuously increasing population size, the capital offers excellent transport links and efficient public transport networks. Workers in Berlin can easily get about using the city’s fast and reliable transport routes. The efficient inner-city passenger transport system makes Berlin a city with one of the lowest vehicle ownership rates in Germany.

The transportation of goods secures supply and disposal in the capital. To ensure continued seamless goods transportation in future, Berlin is investing in the maintenance of its transport routes. Promoting rail and shipping transport, as well as the environmentally friendly development of road transport, is of high importance for Berlin.

For the environment

Berlin is tackling the challenges of climate change and is introducing measures to reduce traffic-related noise and air pollution. Strengthening environmental alliances, expanding the cycle infrastructure or restoring roads and bridges keeps Berlin mobile in a sustainable way. Emphasis is placed on the space-efficient design of transport routes and minimising the everyday risks of city traffic accidents.