Freight haulage centers (Güterverkehrszentren - GVZ)

Berlin is a growing metropolis and freight transportation in the region is growing with it. In 2011, the freight transport volume was 32.4 million tons. In particular, rail freight transport recorded a sharp increase–in this case it was 5.5 million tonnes. Most goods, however, are still transported by road.

The integrated freight transportation concept ensures that the flow of goods is managed intelligently. The freight haulage centers (Güterverkehrszentrum - GVZ) in the region create the necessary infrastructure conditions:

Map: Freight haulage centers (Güterverkehrszentren - GVZ) Berlin969696a1122551215810196A2A9A10A10A10A10A10A10A11A12A24A100A111A113A114A115GVZ Berlin Süd - GroßbeerenGVZ Berlin West - WustermarkGVZ Berlin West - BrieselangGVZ Berlin Ost - FreienbrinkCity GVZ Westhafen

Freight haulage center (GVZ) Berlin West - Wustermark/Brieselang

Situated on the western Berlin beltway, the A10 Autobahn, this freight haulage center is connected to the high-speed train route connecting Berlin and Hannover and has a terminal for combined transportation. It is located directly on the Havel Canal and offers access to the port, with three moorings and a ramp for Roll on/ Roll off ships.
Freight haulage center (GVZ) Berlin West Wustermark (in German only)

Freight haulage center (GVZ) Berlin Süd in Grossbeeren

Located 5 km south of Berlin on the B101 expressway, this freight haulage center is the highest volume facility of its kind in Eastern Germany. It offers access to rail transport and a terminal for combined transportation. It is also the where the "Ostwind" freight train from Berlin to Moscow originates.
Freight haulage center (GVZ) Berlin South  (in German only)

Freight haulage center (GVZ) Berlin Ost in Freienbrink

This facility's proximity to Poland makes it especially attractive for transportation from and to central eastern Europe as well as Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. It is located 7km from Berlin and offers a direct exit to the Eastern section of the Berlin Beltway (A 10 Autobahn). It also offers a rail connection to the Berlin - Warsaw - Moscow line.
Freight haulage center (GVZ) Berlin East  (in German only)

Freight haulage center (GVZ) City Westhafen

With a total area of 430,000 m², Westhafen is the city's largest port and one of the most important inner city logistics centers. It is connected to the Freight Railway Station Moabit and offers a container terminal for inland waterway and rail transport, a heavy-duty crane and a Roll on/ Roll off facility.
Freight haulage center (GVZ) City Westhafen (in German only)

(Source: Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Industrie- und Handelskammer Berlin - IHK) 2009)