Digital telecommunications


The comprehensive broadband expansion is particularly evident in the capital since the introduction of broadband. In the city of Berlin, coverage is at 96 percent with speeds of more than 60 Mbit/s. The regions around Berlin are guaranteed broadband availability of more than 80 percent at these speeds.

By establishing a broadband competency team, the state of Berlin took an additional step to ensure digital competitiveness with high-performance, future-oriented technologies in 2018. The team is managed by TÜV Rheinland Consulting and is the point of contact for businesses, associations and all other broadband users in the state.

The objectives of the broadband competency team are diverse:

  • networking of broadband users
  • promoting open dialogue
  • help with developing own commercial expansion
  • bringing supply and demand together

(Source: IHK Berlin, 2019)

Mobile communications

The mobile network in the capital is fast and efficient. The fast LTE standard is 100 percent available in Berlin thanks to 3,141 mobile network sites.

The requirements for real-time communication will improve further with the 5G next generation mobile network. With significantly greater data capacity and very low reaction times, 5G will better meet future demand for communication in a fully networked society. It forms a key basis for new applications regarding intelligent mobility or the Internet of Things. 5G should be available to use in 2020. Berlin is prepared for the future with research projects such as 5G Berlin and 5G:haus. A faster 5G mobile network upgrade will allow Berlin-based companies to develop 5G applications and test them out on end users in a real environment.

(Source: Statista, 2019)