Safety - Berlin police and fire service

With more than 6 million residents and hundreds of thousands of international visitors each day, the metropolis of Berlin is always in motion. Berlin tackles the challenges of a large city with dedicated members of the fire service and police force. New tasks that come with a growing metropolis such as assistance during state visits, the protection of embassies or large events and changing security situations, require effective cooperation. 


The largest security authority in the state of Berlin, more than 25,000 employees work for Polizei Berlin. The key tasks of Polizei Berlin are emergency response and law enforcement.

The State Police Directorate (LPD) is divided into the five local directorates, the Operations/Traffic Directorate, the Central Special Services Directorate, the Operations Control and Situation Center and the LPD staff. One local unit consists of the management and staff, the six to seven police units and a department to combat criminality. The 37 police units with their more than 150 service groups form the basis of police work in Berlin’s districts. Police units are active 24 hours a day and guarantee a contact in close proximity for Berlin citizens.

Among other things they oversee

  • radio car emergency services,
  • assistance at events,
  • intercultural tasks,
  • contact area service 
  • administration of law enforcement

Berlin has six prisons (JVA), a young offenders' institution (JSA), a juvenile detention facility (JAA) and a prison hospital (at the Plötzensee prison).

(Source: Polizei Berlin; Senate Department for Justice, Consumer Protection and Anti-discrimination, 2021)

Fire department

Founded in 1851, the Berlin fire department is not only the oldest, but also the largest professional fire brigade in Germany with roughly 4,500 employees and 35 fire stations. 


  • fire fighting
  • emergency response
  • preventative fire safety
  • disaster relief
  • rescue service

Within the Berlin fire department’s area of responsibility also lie two works fire departments and four company fire services. These private fire departments are in close contact with the Berlin fire department and are, with the exception of company fire services, alerted in special circumstances.

(Source: Berliner Feuerwehr, 2021)