The aim of the Berliner Stadtreinigung (BSR) is to keep the capital clean and tidy. The BSR reliably fulfils its social mission in a dedicated manner and at permanently low costs. As Germany’s largest municipal cleaning service, it handles the waste of more than two million households. Each year, the BSR ensures that roads, paths and squares are kept clean and that roads are safe to use in winter. The BSR cleans 1.6 million kilometres of roads and paths in Berlin every year.

BSR figures

  • Around 5,800 employees
  • Comprehensive network of 15 recycling centres and 6 fixed special waste collection points
  • A waste-to-energy plant and own BSR treatment facility
  • Emptying about 19 million bins of household waste and roughly 6.6 million recycling bins yearly
  • Fleet with around 1,700 vehicles
  • 113 charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Winter service responsible for about 12,500 working kilometres, approx. 58,000 pedestrian crossings, around 18,600 crossings and more than 1,140 km of cycle paths

For business customers:

The BSR ensures comprehensive logistics and safe waste disposal. It focuses on cleanliness, environmental protection and social responsibility. Municipal waste disposal companies will be happy to advise you on waste disposal, separation and avoidance. They work closely to develop tailored disposal concepts, whereby business customers benefit from fair market prices and individual support.

+49 30 7592-4900

 (Source: Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe 2019)


ALBA Group offers disposal services for all types of waste for communities, private customers, businesses and industries as well as special sectors. From public-private-partnership models to recycling support and a broad service portfolio, the company group supports the efficient disposal of waste. Compliance with legal regulations while taking sustainability into consideration is guaranteed. 

ALBA Group offers tailored service for special sectors. The certified specialist waste disposal companies have many years of industry experience under their belt. Innovative processes allow the recovery of numerous valuable recycled raw materials. Comprehensive support from experts in environmental and energy management is a major advantage for business customers. 

Customer service
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