In terms of energy supply, the capital benefits from the reliability and knowledge of all companies of the GASAG Group. Highly specialised companies offer modern energy services to business and commercial customers.

The company group intensively deals with innovative technologies and drives forward the expansion of renewable energies. Their commitment is demonstrated with products such as the virtual “EcoPool” power plant, energy solutions for districts and comprehensive energy consulting. With its GASAG 2025 mission statement, the GASAG Group is actively striving for a carbon-neutral future. To do this, they are sensibly combining sustainability, competitiveness and growth with one another.

GASAG Group figures

  • Approx. 800,000 customers in Berlin and Brandenburg
  • Pipe network length of more than 14,000 km
  • Production of 71 million kWh of green electricity from sun, wind and biogas
  • Annual sales of more than 25 billion kWh of natural gas
  • Biogas plants in Schwedt, Rhinow and Neudorf with a production volume of around 120 million kWh
  • Largest photovoltaics plant in Berlin with an output of 1.9 MWp
  • 20 companies with more than 1,700 employees

GASAG Solution Plus combines the competencies of GASAG Contracting, umetriq and GASAG’s are of sustainable, innovative customer solutions. This means comprehensive expertise on the subject of energy in the housing and healthcare sectors, commerce, industry, public utilities and public real estate, existing buildings and new projects.

Customer service
+49 30 7872-7872

GASAG offers a wide range of innovative services for companies requiring electricity and natural gas products.

Business customers
+49 30 7872-1355

(Source: GASAG, 2019)

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