Electricity and heating supply in Berlin

The future research and industrial landscape of the capital is influenced by innovative energy technologies. Innovative power plant technology based on brown coal or gas and steam turbine power plants worldwide determine the state of the art.

With an energy carrier mix of wind and water power, solar energy, biomass, natural gas and coal, electricity companies in Berlin are designing a climate-neutral capital. In order to increase the quality of life in the city in an environmentally friendly manner free of fossil fuels, they are developing innovative supply solutions. Together with the state of Berlin, electricity providers are aiming to phase out coal by 2030 at the latest. High-performance networks, sustainable production and economical consumption are the focus of the utilities sector.

Vattenfall Europe Berlin - Energy for the capital

Vattenfall Wärme Berlin supplies around 1.3 million Berlin residents with district heating. 25,000 newly fed housing units are added each year. Vattenfall is the largest provider in western Europe with

  • 11 thermal power plants,
  • 77 combined heat and power units and
  • around 2,000 km of pipelines.

Around 2.37 million household and business customers are supplied with electricity by Stromnetz Berlin, a Vattenfall company. The annual electricity production is 13.3 TWh. In 2019, Stromnetz Berlin invested almost 187 million euros in Stromnetz in order to ensure the reliable and safe supply of electricity to Berlin in future.

With excellent technical know-how, Vattenfall Energy Solutions GmbH is developing needs-based solutions for heating supply, whereby the individual electricity and cold supply is included. With stable energy costs and sustainable, innovative technologies, the company is developing tailored solutions together with commercial customers for which investment techniques of up to 100 percent can be undertaken.

Vattenfall Energy Solutions GmbH
EUREF-Campus 16
10829 Berlin
+49 30 3743967-17


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