Berlin and Brandenburg benefit from the reliability and expertise of the GASAG Group for their supply of energy. Highly specialized companies in this group offer business and commercial customers efficient, customized and comprehensive energy solutions.

GASAG Group Figures

  • About 700,000 customers in Berlin and Brandenburg
  • A 14,000-km supply network in Berlin and Brandenburg
  • More than 20 billion kWh of natural gas sold per year
  • Three biogas plants in Brandenburg: Rathenow, Schwedt/O. and Neudorf with a production volume of 100 million kWh
  • Largest photovoltaic plant in Berlin with a capacity of approximately 2 MW
  • More than 1,500 employees in Berlin and Brandenburg

GASAG Group Offers

GASAG's comprehensive, innovative customer solutions, for example in the development of districts or energy management, make it possible for companies to significantly improve their energy efficiency and reduce their costs. GASAG provides advice for selecting the appropriate solutions and accompanies their implementation.

+49 30 7872-4311

GASAG Contracting has 20 years of practical experience nationwide and specializes in contracting solutions based on cogeneration.

+49 30 7872-1671

GASAG offers a variety of services relating to electricity and natural gas products. (in German only)

Business Customers:
+49 30 7872-1592

Commercial Customers:
+49 30 7872-1355

(Quelle: GASAG, 2015)

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