The future research and industry landscape in the capital region will be distinguished by innovative energy technologies.

Berlin's power plants use the most modern technologies worldwide and define the state of the art, whether as lignite coal facilities or gas and steam turbine power plants.

Regenerative energy technologies are developing rapidly. 7 percent of the region's electricity is generated from renewable sources.

By using a mix of fuels, including unsubsidized domestic lignite coal and renewable energy sources, the region is making a significant contribution to ensuring a sustainable development and reducing emissions.

Berlin boasts an energy service provider that guarantees environmentally friendly electricity generation and the highest security of supply:

Vattenfall Europe Berlin – energizing the capital

Vattenfall Europe Berlin looks back on a long tradition that is closely linked to city history. The company, known as Bewag until recently, became the first public electrical utility in Germany when it was founded on May 8th, 1884.

Today, Vattenfall Europe Berlin generates annual sales of approximately 2.3 billion euros. The company employs 4,243 people and about 360 apprentices are in training. It is a part of Vattenfall Europe, the third largest holding company active on the German electricity market. As Berlin's market leader for electricity, heat and cooling, the historic company has built its business on innovative products and services, environmental consciousness and customer service, providing solutions for every energy need.

Vattenfall Europe Berlin supplies about 600,000 households in Berlin with district heating, making it Western Europe's largest provider. It serves about 27 percent of Berlin’s district heating market, and supplies around 1.8 million customers with electricity. That means that citywide, about 90 percent of the households in Berlin rely on Vattenfall Europe Berlin. Eleven combined heat and power stations, five local co-generation plants and 13 larger heating plants supply the city's 3.5 million residents with electricity and environmentally friendly district heating.

Vattenfall Europe AG
Chausseestraße 23
10115 Berlin
+49 30 8182-22

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