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Welcome to Berlin!

Lifestyle, culture and leisure activities are top, while rents and the cost of living are definitely affordable - Berlin offers a high quality of life!

Encompassing 892 km² and a population of around 3.7 million, Berlin has room for all kinds of lifestyles and every age.  People from 190 nations contribute to the lively atmosphere in Germany's capital.

With unparalleled opportunities regarding recreational activities, cultural events and education, Berlin allows its residents to develop and express themselves freely and to design their lives according to their wishes.

The rents and costs of living in Germany's capital remain low compared to other major cities. At the same time, Berlin's employment growth is outpacing the rest of Germany. Together with Hamburg, Berlin is at the top of economic rankings.

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Welcome to Berlin! Introductory tours by Berlin Partner

We are glad that you have chosen Berlin! Berlin Partner would like to invite you and your company to take part on a welcome tour that will extend beyond the city’s typical tourist attractions. The tour particularly emphasizes the aspects of working and living in the city.

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Green capital - green countryside

Berlin combines nature and tranquility ideally with pulsing urbanity. The magnificent forests, rivers and lakes surrounding the city make for a diverse nature and recreation area.  Germany's largest transportation network (Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg) guarantees optimal mobility and connections.

The green heart of Berlin, the 210 hectare "Tiergarten" park, is Germany's third largest urban park.  Add to that another 2,500 public green spaces and recreational facilities.

Happy Berliners

Berlin is not just intriguing to foreign visitors. Berliners treasure their urban surroundings: 91 percent of Berlin's citizens feel positively about their city, especially its architecture, the green spaces available and cultural institutions. Berlin has something for everyone: modern shopping centers, peace and quiet, and cultural offerings of extraordinary diversity - Berlin is the place to be!

(Source: Eurostat, Das städtische Europa, 2016)