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Churches and Religious Communities

Christian communities

​About 943,000 Berliners or 27.2 percent of the population belong to one of the two major Christian denominations.

At about 612,000, the Protestant church has the largest membership.

About 331,000 Berliners belong to the Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church in Berlin. The seat of the Archdiocese is St. Hedwig's Cathedral in Berlin-Mitte, which was consecrated in 1773.

An additional about 90,000 Berliners belong to one of the other Christian confessions:

  • Free Protestant churches
  • Protestant church congregations of foreign nationals
  • Orthodox churches
  • Other Christian communities

(Source: Berlin-Brandenburg Statistics Office (Amt für Statistik Berlin-Brandenburg) 2015 - Data from 2014)

Jewish communities

​​The Jewish Community of Berlin is a unified community incorporating both orthodox forms of Judaism and reform congregations. It offers its 11,000 members opportunities for prayer and community both in the synagogue and in other groups:

  • 7 Synagogues,
  • 2 Ritual baths,
  • Schools, adult education, activities,
  • Jewish social work.

There is also a small orthodox community, ADASS JISROEL, with 1,000 members and there are several thousand Jews who do not belong to a congregation. According to the American Jewish Committee, Berlin's Jewish community is the fastest growing in the world, mainly due to the immigration of Russian Jews in recent years.

(Source: Berlin-Brandenburg Statistics Office (Amt für Statistik Berlin-Brandenburg) 2015 - Data from 2014)

The Islamic community in Berlin

There are about 249,000 Muslims in Berlin. Over 100 venues (mosques, meeting rooms) offer space for prayer and discussion. Most of the members of the Islamic community in Berlin are Turkish citizens.

(Source: Berlin-Brandenburg Statistics Office (Amt für Statistik Berlin-Brandenburg) 2015 - Data from 2014)

Islamic Cultural Center (Islamisches Kulturzentrum)

Founded in 1989 and known as the Islamic Cultural Center since 1992, this organization is the first of its kind for Bosniaks in Berlin. The Islamic Cultural Center's work covers Berlin and the new Federal Länder that were formerly part of East Germany. Its work is divided into four areas:

  • Religious,
  • Cultural,
  • Humanitarian,
  • Sports.

One of the most visible and successful programs of the Islamic Cultural Center provides financial support for orphans.

Buddhist centers in Berlin

There are about 6,500 Buddhist believers in Berlin. Seven Buddhist groups and centers offer space for meditation and community, especially in the following traditions:

  • Zen,
  • Theravada,
  • Vajayan,
  • Mahayana,
  • Tibetan Buddhism.

(Source: Senate Chancellery for Cultural Affairs (Senatskanzlei Kulturelle Angelegenheiten, 2009)

Religious associations and initiatives

The religious associations and initiatives in the Berlin region facilitate community and coexistence in a spirit of tolerance in contemporary urban life.

Ecumenical Council of Berlin-Brandenburg (Ökumenischer Rat Berlin-Brandenburg)