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We are a traditional Berlin company striving for the future: We generate our energy here on site, and have been supplying Berlin’s residents with power and heat for over a hundred years – tailored to the needs of our growing city.

We support Berlin in becoming climate-neutral and we’re helping to promote a revolution in heating, a key component of the energy revolution. We are modernizing our generating plants to improve their efficiency, use lower-emission fuels, and offer better flexibility, with the goal of halving our CO2 emissions by 2020. We are also working to integrate more renewable energy sources.

Together, we are moving Berlin forward to provide clean energy that remains affordable and reliable.

Birgit Kahland
Vattenfall Wärme Berlin
Sellerstraße 16
13353 Berlin
+49 30 267 11315


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Birgit Kahland

Birgit Kahland

Vattenfall Wärme Berlin