Does your company need support in the area of infrastructure?  Our BLC partners are happy to advise you on this topic!

Berlin Airports (Berliner Flughäfen)
Berlin Airports' mission is to secure the capital region's air transportation infrastructure for the long term and to develop the existing airports in the region in accordance with the region's needs.

BTB Blockheizkraftwerks- Träger- und Betreibergesellschaft mbH Berlin
BTB designs, finances, builds and operates power generation plants to generate electricity, heating and cooling, district heating networks as well as decentralized individual systems for customized power supply and covers the entire spectrum of energy services.

GASAG Solution Plus GmbH
GASAG Solution Plus GmbH's core business is natural gas and heating. The company stands for the safe supply of natural gas and the implementation of energy-saving, environmentally friendly technologies.

Vattenfall GmbH
As the market leader in Berlin for electricity, heating and cooling, Vattenfall GmbH offers solutions for all energy issues and has built its business on innovative products and services.