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There are close ties between Berlin and Deutsche Bank. For instance, the bank was founded 1870 in Berlin and maintained its headquarters here for many decades. Even today, the financial institution fosters a close connection with the German capital. The exclusive cooperation with the Berlin Philharmonic, for instance, has now existed for over a quarter century. The orchestra’s outstanding quality and ingenuity thrill its audience in Berlin and worldwide. The joint concept of the Digital Concert Hall sets the stage for this blend of tradition and innovation, opening the doors to concert auditoriums for music lovers around the globe. Created to reflect openness, internationality and pioneering spirit, the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle is a love letter to Berlin as an urban center of art. A place of discovery, the institution is as vibrant and dynamic as our capital city itself. Important projects and initiatives have been and will continue to be brought to Berlin and expanded here to keep shaping the future with our clients and partners.

New benchmark – Quartier Zukunft

Opened in November 2016, the Quartier Zukunft on Friedrichstrasse 181 sets entirely new standards, revolutionizing banking in collaboration with over 6,000 clients and trend researchers: The analog and digital service worlds provided by Deutsche Bank are entirely networked here for the first time. Quartier Zukunft places a spotlight on the four topics of Innovation, Coaching, Inspiration and Community, creating a point of confluence where personal advice and digital solutions blend into one.

Uniting worlds– Grownups meet startups

Tradition and innovation are not mutual contradictions in Berlin: On the one hand there is the more distinguished capital city branch of Deutsche Bank on Unter den Linden, in which visitors sense the institute’s long history. Then there is a more lively place like Factory Berlin, which is another side to the bank and also located in Mitte. Deutsche Bank and the innovation community have cooperated since 2016. An important aim is to create stronger networks between mid-size companies and startups. Deutsche Bank has a room in the Factory, which it uses to host corporate clients from Berlin and throughout Germany, where they can forge and expand business relationships with founders and young companies, build networks, agree partnerships, and above all learn from each other in an inspiring and creative atmosphere.

Upholding tradition and shaping the future together

The employees at Deutsche Bank believe that accompanying their clients through an increasingly digitalized world is a welcome challenge. Along this journey, they use the Innovation Lab to identify future technologies for the banking business, test solutions in the Quartier Zukunft, and introduce the results to the benefit of clients throughout Germany. Many of these initiatives in Berlin, and not least the 610,000 clients in the capital city, help Deutsche Bank create new value added for private and corporate customers throughout Germany.

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