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Web und Social Media

Berlin is Germany’s capital for digital companies and en route to becoming the leading hotspot of the web scene in Europe.

Thanks to its modern infrastructure, the low cost of living, a wide array of training and education opportunities and also research institutes, Germany’s capital is an ideal location for new ideas on the web. More innovative Internet companies are founded in Berlin than anywhere else in Germany. In recent years the number of IT companies has grown by almost 150 percent.

At a glance

  • Active scene for entrepreneurs with start-ups like SoundCloud, 6Wunderkinder, brands4friends, Amen, Newtracks or Gidsy
  • Germany’s digital capital with innovative companies like MyHammer, Groupon or Zalando
  • Creative location for new content, transmedial formats or digital distribution
  • The German internet capital is host to the largest number of web-related events in Germany
  • A growing number of investors for high tech companies; in 2017, venture capitalists invested around 1.07 billion euros in Berlin

Support for entrepreneurs

A wide array of private and public technology centers and business incubators are available to support you as you launch a startup or move your business to Berlin. Berlin Partner for Business and Technology will provide you with comprehensive support in all your planning and will bring you in contact with suitable business incubators.

Outreach centers for entrepreneurs

German Association of Innovation, Technology and Business Incubation Centers (Bundesverband deutscher Innovations-, Technologie- und Gründerzentren e.V.)

Comprehensive information about founding an internet-based company 
Assistance with developing your business plan, securing funding and financing and consultation for entrepreneurs

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
(Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie) is a valuable point of contact for information

Investitionsbank Berlin
Comprehensive database of information and downloads, providing information about programs promoting the regional economy, points of contact for entrepreneurs and a guide for starting up an enterprise

IZBM Innovations-Zentrum Berlin Management GmbH
The Innovation Center Berlin Management GmbH provides services directed at entrepreneurs and spin-offs from universities of applied sciences, research universities and existing companies

TCC Berlin Technologie Coaching Center GmbH
General services for entrepreneurs, preparation for meetings with banks, assistance in developing sustainable business plans and support in liquidity planning

Consultation on funding

BBB Bürgschaftsbank Berlin-Brandenburg
Consultation regarding loans and securitization of financing for small to mid-sized companies

KfW Bankengruppe
Tailored, transparent equity finance products for small- to mid-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs for business start-ups, technology-oriented companies and established SME's

LandesBank Berlin
Personal, customized consultation on financing the launch of your new business

Investitionsbank Berlin
Assistance with securing financing in establishing a new business and an internet portal that allows you to search for subsidy programs (Förderfinder)

InvestitionsBank des Landes Brandenburg
Support for entrepreneurs in the form of a broad spectrum of subsidy programs tailored to a company's specific needs and equity financing

MBG Berlin-Brandenburg
Support and consultation for the founding of innovative, technology-oriented small- to mid-sized companies