Design und Usability

Usability and a positive user experience (UUX, in short) is active research topic being pursued by a number of chairs at almost every post-secondary institution in the capital region.

These are increasingly seen as key factors in the success of a business. Products that stand out because they are highly usable and offer a good user experience increase effectiveness and efficiency and lead to happier and more productive users and customers or employees.

In security-critical applications, such as in control rooms or with medical devices, good usability is mandated by law.

The industry is characterised by:

  • interdisciplinarity
  • agile methods
  • basis for new IT products, services, and applications
  • UUX as key factor to success and as USP against competitors
  • enormous growth potential, also for adjacent industries

Business and application fields

UUX service providers offer high problem-solving competence including flexible and agile training in application fields. They understand how to analyse existing solutions and facilitate innovation processes. They are therefore an ideal partner for product development processes, especially where digitalisation is creating new business models or transforming existing solutions. Development focuses on future users and their satisfaction to create products that will thrive on the market.

Their services include:

  • idea generation, design thinking
  • analysis of UUX needs and the resulting design work
  • development of interaction and product designs as well as visual designs
  • usability testing
  • interviews
  • measuring the success of UUX measures 
  • cognitive psychological consultancy

The capital region is strongly positioned with numerous service providers for usability/user experience testing and analytics, management consultancy, prototype development, information architecture, product and industrial design, and design agencies. Larger cluster players such as Amazon, AVM, Deutsche Telekom, eBay, HERE, SAP, Zalando, and many others have long maintained their own UUX departments in order to secure their market success.

Location advantages

Networks and institutions

Numerous organisations at the interface of science, industry, and culture are making a decisive contribution to the transfer of knowledge.

For example:

Research and development in the area of design and usability

More than 3,000 students participate in a variety of design-orientated degree courses at the region's universities, training to become such things as usability engineers, interface designers, human factors specialists, interface architects, engineering psychologists, occupational scientists, and organisational and business psychologists. Thanks to the outstanding training opportunities in the region, there are many specialists qualified in the fields of usability and user experience available in the region.


Innovative forms of human-computer interaction are being researched, for example, at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute.

Talents, community, and events

Creatives and designers love the inspiring environment in Berlin and benefit from the city's low office and living costs to give them space for experimentation. As a result, a very lively community of freelancers, students, and employees has formed around UUX topics. Networks such as the International Design Center (IDZ) count over two hundred members focused on design, including companies, agencies, institutions, and creatives.

The many conferences, events, and informal meetings help connect UUX service providers with one another and provide good opportunities for potential clients to meet them. These networking formats help find cooperation partners to realise solutions and develop products jointly.

A small sample of these events:

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