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Berlin's blockchain ecosystem

Berlin has become a global hotspot for blockchain technology

Berlin is at the centre of the European blockchain scene. An estimated 160 companies, including start-ups, major corporations, tech accelerators, innovation hubs, research institutions, and investors are actively addressing blockchain technologies here in Berlin, a city characterised by a very diverse and dynamic blockchain landscape.

Applications and business opportunities for blockchain technologies

Berlin-based teams are actively developing core blockchain technologies. Originally developed for payment transactions using bitcoins to avoid the involvement of conventional banks, today's blockchain technologies have potential applications in a variety of industries. In addition to the base blockchain technologies, Berlin is already home to numerous business models and successful applications in a variety of sectors.

Berlin blockchain events and meetups

The city has become an important venue for events and information about blockchain technologies. As a regional information and networking format, numerous meetups on various aspects of blockchain are held in Berlin. The topics range from questions about the technology itself, the range of applications in different sectors, and associated social and legal issues.

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