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Information and communications technology (ICT)

Berlin offers ideal conditions as an ICT location – Along with a wide variety of IT-related research, there are many user industries located in the capital.

approx. 10,700
over 102,000
approx. 16.2 bn. €
annual turnover

Berlin is one of the leading locations of the information and communication industry in Germany, is Europe's center for digitalization start-ups, and the hot spot for the largest e-business companies in Germany.

Why Berlin?

„Oracle's locations in Berlin and Potsdam have access to an optimal infrastructure. We are in close contact with our customers and partners as well as policymakers and government agencies. We value the city's creativity, while our employees are happy with the family-friendly environment and low cost of living.“

Jürgen Kunz
Jürgen KunzSenior Vice President Northern Europe, ORACLE Deutschland B.V. & Co. KG

At a glance

(Sources: Berlin Partner Annual Report, SenWTF, IHK Berlin)

Berlin is home of firms with expertise in the following fields

Many of these innovative fields are serviced across state borders by the ICT, Media, and Creative Industries Cluster.

Great potential for the future for Berlin’s ICT sector

The ICT industry has been Berlin's most important growth driver for many years. The digital industries also generate an above-average number of startups and provide for some very impressive employment figures. The flourishing startup scene that developed here in Berlin has long since become an object of intense international attention and enthusiasm.

New products and services are created through collaboration between industries and digital economies. Berlin is a major player in terms of technologies that are important for digital economies and industries alike, such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Additive Manufacturing. Almost 60% of Berlin-based industrial enterprises are implementing digitalisation projects. This proportion is particularly high in mechanical engineering at 73%.

(Source: IBB Investment Bank, Berlin economic activity – 2019)

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Berlin’s ICT sector

Use our interactive industry map to learn more about selected locations and available infrastructure - in 2D and in 3D.

Interactive Map

(Source of data in illustration: Federal Employment Agency Jan. 2021; medien.barometer 2019/2020 (companies/annual turnover 2017))


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