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Berlin Economic Atlas

Explore Berlin in 2D and in 3D - Bring Berlin into your home!

Berlin can be fully discovered by every Internet user in a large-scale, realistic model. With the "Economic Atlas Berlin" you can peruse comprehensive maps, choose between different views and retrieve detailed information about the Berlin urban area.

Economic Atlas Berlin

The Economic Atlas shows Berlin in three views and gives comprehensive information about the area surrounding a selected address. We invite you to take a three-dimensional walk through the German capital!

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The Berlin Business Atlas makes it easier to find the perfect location.

Use the search or the content window to retrieve selected industry-specific and infrastructure information about spaces throughout the city of Berlin. Use it, for example, to quickly find out about nearby public transport or which scientific institutions and daycare centers are located in the vicnity.

You can choose between a 2-D map view, an image-based 3-D surface model, high-resolution slant aerial images, and an untextured planning view.

To produce the Berlin Economic Atlas, the entire city area, including Schönefeld and BER airports, was photographed from the air in 2018.

The Berlin Economic Atlas was created on behalf of the Land of Berlin by the Senate Administration for Urban Development (Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung) and theSenate Administration for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises (Senatsverwaltung für Wirtschaft, Energie und Betriebe) as well as Berlin Partner for Business and Technology.


Data Privacy

Any natural person who can claim that his or her right to self-determination with regard to personal information has been infringed upon by depictions in the 3D city model has the right to report the offending image and have it removed. In order to appeal the depiction of images in the 3D presentation, please contact Berlin Partner for Business and Technology. Complaints should be submitted in writing (this includes by e-mail) to Berlin Partner for Business and Technology and should include an explanation. They can be sent to the address below. Complaints must include any evidence necessary for investigating the authorization to file such a claim and its validity (such as proof of ownership, lease agreement).
Please contact the Senate Department for Urban Development with questions about official areal images and maps.

Contact Berlin Partner for Business and Technology:

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology
Birgit Steindorf
Head of Unit Business Location Center
Fasanenstrasse 85
10623 Berlin

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Birgit Steindorf

Birgit Steindorf

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This project was supported by the European Fund for Regional Development.

Technical information

The Economic Atlas Berlin can be accessed from each Internet-capable PC. The 3D view can be viewed from any modern Internet browser which supports WebGL and JavaScript.

Should you have any questions about using the 3D model of Berlin or require any technical specifications, please contact: support.berlin3d(at)

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The large-scale model of Berlin is available as a free download.

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