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Students of universities and universities of applied sciences

Berlin is the largest student city in Germany with over 185,000 students and has a total of four universities, seven technical colleges and more than 30 privately-run academies.

With its two universities of excellence, the Free University of Berlin and the Humboldt University of Berlin, as well as its internationally renowned technical colleges, Berlin is also the most popular location for science for foreign students. Around 20 percent of the students come from abroad. Women make up almost 50 percent of all students in Berlin. 

Why Berlin?

Dr. Andreas Eckert

»The economic success of any company depends on its employees and their qualifications. We certainly benefit from the extraordinary scientific know-how in Berlin, which is the direct result of the city's many institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes.«

Dr. Andreas Eckert, Chairman of the Board of Management Eckert & Ziegler AG

Student population by institution and type in Berlin for the Winter term 2017/2018

Total Foreigners
Universities 123,660 25,344
Free University of Berlin 36,771 7,768
Berlin Technical University of Berlin 34,718 8,003
Humboldt University of Berlin 34,963 6,137
Charité-Universitätsmedizin 7,084 1,346
Art University; Art Colleges  5,515  2,096
University of the Arts 3,838 1,246
Colleges and universities of Applied Sciences 58,236 9,832
Beuth University of Applied Sciences 12,895 1,852
HTW University of Applied Sciences 13,730 3,261
Berlin School of Economics and Law 11,198 1,491
Berlin colleges of Applied Sciences in Public Administration 523 2
total 187,934 37,274

(Source: State Statistical Institute Berlin-Brandenburg, Status: Winter semester 2017/2018)

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