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The geoinformation system provides comprehensive, detailed information about the entire city of Berlin and will provide you with the information you need to find the optimal location for your business.

The Berlin Economic Atlas gives you access to select data about specific industries, infrastructure conditions and zoning regulations related to any area within the city of Berlin.

Berlin Economic Atlas

Berlin Economic Atlas

Use the Berlin Economic Atlas to learn about selected locations and the infrastructure available.

Berlin Economic Atlas

Use your web browser to examine extensive map material, request detailed information, and learn about Berlin as a business location. A cartographic 2D view and a vivid 3D view make it possible to take a thorough look at the surroundings of an address you select in Berlin.

This search tool makes it easier for users to locate information about the region. You can search by keyword, company name or street name. Use the filter window to display additional information on various topics and compile information on specific selected fields. This allows you to quickly establish, for example, a property’s closest public transit lines, which scientific institutions are nearby, or what building and regulations apply to a site.