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Two factors in particular in Berlin ease the way for companies to tap into international markets: a large selection of international specialist-employees and comprehensive support for company expansion.

The growing number of foreign companies  – and foreign trade – in Berlin are signs of just how international Berlin has become as a business location. A growing number of Berlin’s companies participate in global markets because of the favorable conditions in the city.

  • People from about 190 nations live and work in Berlin, and almost 2 million residents speak at least two languages.
  • Roughly 20 % of the students at Berlin’s higher education institutions come from abroad. Most hail from China, Russia and the USA.
  • More people with experience in the new markets, who speak Russian along with English, live in Berlin than anywhere else in Germany. Along with the United States, France and Italy, now Russia, Poland and China are increasingly becoming the most important partners in foreign trade in Berlin’s economy.
  • Berlin is centrally located in Europe with excellent international connections
  • Excellent networking through 17 international sister cities and other types of city cooperation, approximately 160 diplomatic representations, international business groups, chambers of commerce and organizations
  • Many interlinked opportunities for funding and subsidies from various institutions

Foreign trade service

Companies and investors can expect comprehensive support for the international marketing of their products, technologies and services. This service includes the organization of joint trade show booths, information about EU subsidy programs and the international technology transfer.

Take advantage of the foreign trade service offered by Berlin Partner for Business and Technology