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People from all over the world are drawn to Berlin to live, study and work: Specialists from abroad for your international business.

Berlin is one of the world’s most popular university cities for foreign students and researchers. About 37,000 foreign students are matriculated for the winter semester 2017/18. This is roughly 20 percent of all students in Berlin. Most foreign students hail from Turkey, China, Poland, Russia, France, the USA and Italy. The environment fosters an international network that is profitable for Berlin’s business community:  four universities – two of which were selected as “universities of excellence”, as well as many renowned higher education institutions and research facilities. This large pool of excellently trained, multi-lingual specialists is readily available, and will also secure international contacts.

Why Berlin?

Kurt Sölter

»Given the long-term growth opportunity in the customer contact management industry, the expansion into Berlin builds on our strategic blueprint. With a deep and highly educated and multilingual pool of labor, a competitive wage structure, an excellent infrastructure, Berlin offers the best conditions for a continuous growth and is expected to serve SYKES´multinational clients looking to further diversify their service delivery strategy.«

Kurt Sölter, Director Area Operations, Sykes Enterprises Berlin GmbH Co. KG

A quarter of Berlin’s workforce speaks at least three foreign languages. For businesses, this tremendously simplifies the process of accessing new international markets, expanding to new sectors or opening new subsidiaries.  

Berlin caters to the individual interests and needs of foreign employers, employees and their families. Many multilingual or foreign schools offer bilingual or foreign language classes. International institutes promote intercultural exchange and offer support in the process of moving to and becoming settled in Berlin.

The Business Immigration Service (BIS) is on hand to promptly and effectively answer questions about residence permits. It is available for companies, managers, specialists and their families.

Our service for investors: Business Immigration Service (BIS)

Business Immigration Service

The Business Immigration Service allows investors, companies and qualified employees an easy start in Berlin. We support both the initial applications for entrance and stay, including work permits and also the renewal of residence permits.

Business Immigration Service