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The airport region Berlin Brandenburg

With us you can find fast, uncomplicated access to the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg.

The Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg stands for a transnational economic region. This includes the airport corridor, which extends to the main train station in the center of Berlin, the area along the main traffic axes in the south of Berlin and the municipality of Schönefeld. Airport regions have become increasingly attractive for companies in the course of globalisation due to their excellent infrastructure. The proximity to the airport, to other modes of transport and to the city of Berlin are significant location advantages.

The Airport Region Team, as a cooperation of the two business development agencies Berlin Partner for Business and Technology and the Economic Development Agency Brandenburg, promotes the business location of the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg worldwide. Based on the site of BER International Airport, it is the first point of contact for companies interested in setting up business in the airport region. In close cooperation with the industry experts of the two business development agencies, it offers support with the following services:

  • Advice on your initial settlement, expansion investment and investment plans
  • Information about commercial space, the availability of technical and management employees, as well as finance and support options
  • Creation of contacts to all major partners in the Airport Region
  • Relevant information regarding the growth industries in the region

Access to the Airport Region Team

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Birgit Steindorf

Birgit Steindorf

Head of Unit
Location Services | Airport Region | Business Location Center

You can receive the latest information on commercial and residential construction projects, company settlements and other developments in the vicinity of BER with the Newsletter, via LinkedIn as well as via the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg Twitter channel.

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