Surface area of the city

  • With a total area of approximately 892 km², Berlin is as large as the cities of Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt am Main all put together.
  • The city comprises 12 districts, each composed of neighborhoods and centers with entirely different characters.
  • One quarter of Berlin's area is covered by forests and parks and nearly a tenth of the city's area is covered by lakes, rivers and canals.
  • Berlin is both a city-state and the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany. Its metropolitan area forms one of the most important urban centers in Germany and Europe.

Land use at a glance

Geographic locationGeographic center - Berlin City Hall (Berliner Rathaus)
Latitude 52° 31' 12" N Longitude 13° 24' 36" E
Apparent local time6 minutes, 22 seconds behind Central European Time
12:00 pm CET = 11:53:38 pm Apparent Local Time in Berlin
Length of the city border234 km
Widest point45 km along the east-west axis 
38 km along the north south axis

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