Location advantages for investors in Germany

As the largest national economy of the European Union, Germany stands for innovation, advanced technologies and high levels of productivity.

Companies from across the globe are always welcome in Germany. Here, you will find ideal conditions for business success.

  • Leading economy,
  • Global player,
  • High productivity,
  • Highly qualified specialists,
  • Driven by innovation,
  • Outstanding infrastructure,
  • Attractive subsidy programs,
  • Competitive taxation rates,
  • Secure and stable environment for investments,
  • First-class quality of life.

Right in the Heart of Europe

Europe has come together to form the world’s largest market, with over 500 million consumers. As the member state with the largest and most important economy, Germany is the most attractive location for business in the European Union.

  • Germany generates nearly a quarter of its gross domestic product in Europe.
  • Germany is the largest economy in Europe.
  • With over 81.2 million residents, Germany is the largest state in the European Union (2014).
  • Germany is an influential financial location (seat of the European Central Bank).
  • Germany offers excellent commercial structures and long-established contacts to the European markets with the highest trade volumes.

Berlin is a hub between East and West

The reunited Germany has taken on a key role in the growing single European market. Germany is a springboard to the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

  • Germany has traditionally had good relationships with the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, especially Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary.
  • Germany has acquired know-how through the decades-long integration of East and West.

Quality and innovation

"Made in Germany" is recognized all over the world as shorthand for the above-average quality of German products and services.

  • Highly qualified specialists from Germany set international benchmarks.
  • Rigorous standards for higher education and vocational training ensure a large supply of excellently qualified personnel.
  • World-class research and close cooperation between academic science, research and industry make Germany one of the most important sites of innovation in the world.
  • Germany is the most important European technology supplier.

Research and development

The German government has a special focus on providing support for research and development. In this context, Germany's research policy treats all companies equally, whether they are German or foreign-owned.

The policy works:

  • Germany is a country of innovators. Nearly 32,000 patent applications came from Germany in 2014, making the Federal Republic the European champion and third place worldwide.
  • In terms of multinational companies, Germany is one of the world's most attractive destinations for investments in research.
  • Germany is a world leader in nanotechnologies and number 1 in Europe. About half of the companies based in Europe come from Germany.
  • More biotechnology firms are founded in Germany than in any other country in Europe.

Mobility and transportation

Germany has a highly developed infrastructure and one of the world's most intricately linked motorway networks. Over 231,000 km of roads, including more than 12,900 km of autobahn and 38,000 km of rail lines make Germany a nexus for European freight transport.