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Where was the Berlin Wall? Which roofs are suitable for photovoltaic installations? The 3D city model provides a visual representation of recent history as well as future urban development projects.

Project with a future: Solar Atlas Berlin

Projekt SolarAs a feature integrated into the 3D city model, the Solar Atlas Berlin shows the city's solar potential down to the individual building. Property owners and investors alike can use it to determine whether a building's roof is suitable for a solar installation and whether the investment will pay off.

Solar Atlas Berlin

Event-related project: 12th IAAF World Championship in Athletics in berlin 2009

Projekt Marathon​During the 2009 track and field championship in Berlin, sports fans across the globe were able to get a 3D, birds-eye preview of the 42.195 kilometers making up the marathon route before the race. The animation took track and field fans on a virtual flight along the marathon route past the city's main attractions.

IAAF World Championship Marathon Route

Tracing history: the Berlin Wall

Projekt Mauer​For the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, a 3D model allowed users to follow the course of the Berlin Wall through the heart of the city. Beginning at the Brandenburg Gate, users can chart a customized, virtual, 3D aerial tour of history.

 3D Model of the Berlin Wall