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Which roofs are suitable for photovoltaic installations? How much electricity could such facility produce? What is the ideal investment amount? How to optimize roof-top use?

Berlin Solar Atlas

The Berlin Solar Atlas is easily accessed from your browser. Click onto a selected building and receive information about the solar suitability for that particular building in 2D and 3D.

Solar Atlas

Integrated in the Berlin Economic Atlas the Solar Atlas shows the solar potential of each building in the city in clear, sharp images in both 2D and 3D. Property owners and investors can use the Atlas to determine whether a building's roof is suitable for a solar installation and whether the investment will pay off. The Atlas provides key information at a glance on such matters as the potential power output, reductions in CO2 emissions, and investment costs.

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The information provided is meant to serve exclusively as an initial analysis for solar energy potential. It is not intended to replace the review and evaluation by an expert, which remains a necessary pre-requisite for installing or using a solar energy system. No guarantee of suitability for solar installations is provided. Such a guarantee would require an inspection and assessment of the individual case.

The data and information provided were collected using due scientific care and in observance of recognized standards of technology. Nonetheless, the author does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or quality of the information provided, nor does the author guarantee that it is up to date. The author is excluded from liability for claims related to material or immaterial damages caused by using or not using the provided information, or, respectively, by using false or incomplete information except in cases in which malice or gross negligence on the author's part can be proven.

The author reserves the explicit right to amend, expand, delete, or temporarily or permanently cease the publication of pages or portions of the entire application without notice.

Data Privacy

Any natural person who can claim that his or her right to self-determination with regard to personal information has been infringed upon by depictions in the 3D city model has the right to report the offending image and have it removed. In order to appeal the depiction of images in the 3D presentation or the solar evaluation of a particular building, please contact Berlin Partner for Business and Technology. Complaints should be submitted in writing (this includes by e-mail) to Berlin Partner for Business and Technology and should include an explanation. They can be sent to the address below. Complaints must include any evidence necessary for investigating the authorization to file such a claim and its validity (such as proof of ownership, lease agreement).
Please contact the Senate Department for Urban Development with questions about official areal images and maps.

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