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Berlin is sporty: more than 2,000 athletic clubs cover almost every kind of sport. Major sporting events like the Berlin Marathon or the International Track and Field Festival attract sports fans from all over the world.

Sporting events of national and international significance regularly take place in the capital.

  • Soccer Championships (Women and Men) at the Olympic Stadium,
  • International Stadium Festival of Track and Field at the Olympic Stadium,
  • Berlin Marathon,
  • International Equestrian Tournament,
  • International German Women's Tennis Championships at Hundekehlesee.

A city of sporting enthusiasts:

  • Over 2,000 clubs with 550,000 members
  • 1,527 halls, 1,097 fields, 94 400-meter tracks
  • 94 outdoor and indoor pools

The city and its surrounding environs offer diverse sporting activities, including the following:

  • Water sports,
  • Equestrian sports,
  • Skydiving,
  • Golf,
  • Aviation sports (glider and engine-powered airplanes),
  • Nordic walking,
  • Cycling,
  • Skating

(Sources: The Berlin Almanac (Die Kleine Berlin-Statistik), 2016)

Major event venues

Sporting events are not the only nationally significant highlights that happen in Berlin's arenas and stadiums. International stars also fill the stadiums, as do extravant gala events of the athletics world.

The Olympic Stadium

The Berlin Olympic Stadium hosts events such as:

The Olympic Stadium also hosts top-notch non-sporting events, among them:

  • Religious events
    - German Protestant Church Day (Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag)
    - German Catholic Church Day (Deutscher Katholikentag)
  • Cultural events
  • International concerts

The Mercedes-Benz Arena

In 2008, one of the most modern multifunctional arenas in the world opened in Berlin. With a capacity of 17,000 spectators, the Mercedes-Benz Arena is the largest event venue in Berlin.

The Mercedes-Benz Arena is the venue for events such as:

  • Home games of the top league hockey team, Die Berliner Eisbären
  • Home games of the top league basketball team, Alba Berlin
  • Music events and major concerts
  • Awards ceremonies

The Velodrom

Top sporting events, concerts and shows take place at the Velodrom. With a total capacity of 12,000 spectators, it can serve as an exhibition hall, the backdrop to gala events, a showroom or convention center.

The Velodrom is home of the

  • Berlin Six Day Races (Berliner 6-Tage-Rennen)

The Max Schmeling Hall

The Max Schmeling Hall is the venue for:

  • Sporting events
    - Tournaments of the Berlin Dance Association
    - Boxing matches
  • Major music events

Pools and beaches

Berlin offers ideal conditions for water sports enthusiasts. With 95 outdoor and indoor pools, there are plenty of opportunities for swimming.

Search for Swimming Pools
Berlin Lakes and their Water Quality

Golf and track facilities in Berlin

Golf lovers will certainly find something to suit their tastes in Berlin. With 22 golf courses embedded into the surrounding countryside and smaller driving ranges in the city, golf is fully established as a sport in Berlin.

The region has developed into a golf Mecca. Beginners and advanced golfers alike will find a green suited to their abilities and demands.

Golf Courses in Berlin
Living on the Golf Course
Berlin-Brandenburg Golf Association (Golfverband Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.)

Ice sports

During the cold months, the capital offers many opportunities for ice-skating regardless of weather conditions. Berlin's pro ice-hockey teams hold some practices that are open to the public. The city's skating rinks offer more than just fast laps:

Eisbären Berlin Hockey Team
Ice Rinks in Berlin

Equestrian sports

Historic horse racing tracks

The special atmosphere of an equestrian event always transports spectators to another time and place. At the city’s horse-racing tracks, spectators still do things the traditional way; they make bets, celebrate victories and admire ladies' hats.

Equestrian sports: a distinctive experience!

Berlin Harness Racing Association (Berliner Trabrenn-Verein)
Hoppegarten Horse Racing Track (Galopprennbahn Hoppegarten)


Opportunities for riding in Berlin include pony rides, trail riding, lessons in a riding center and coach rides.

  • Numerous stables with horse boarding
  • Statewide network of riding trails
  • Numerous riding clubs

Inline skating

As the number of inline skaters increases, so does the number of auto-free skating courses. The 100 km of specially coated track at Fläming-Skate is the longest skating course in Germany.

Inline Skating in the Region


A cyclists dream: Pedaling along the Spree, Oder, Neisse and Elbe rivers, surrounded by pristine nature, spending the night in a bicycle-friendly hotel (such as Bed and Bike), resting at the shore of one the area's 3,000 lakes...

  • Cycling path Berlin-Copenhagen
  • Well-developed and well-marked network of cycling paths
  • Guided cycling routes and rallies

Bicycle Tours

Water sports

Thanks to the area's natural topography, recreational and competitive water sports are especially important in the Berlin region.

  • 7 main paddling and boat touring routes,
  • Approximately 150 small harbors along these routes offer a place to moor for the night,
  • Berlin and Brandenburg have the most waterways of any of the German states,
  • A total of 33,000 km of rivers, including the Spree, Havel, Rhin, Nuthe and Dahme,
  • Numerous canals,
  • Approximately 3000 lakes.

Water Sports in the Region
Boat Rental in Berlin


Want to really take off? Berlin has just what you need.

  • Powered aircraft and gliders
  • Skydiving
  • Hot-air balloons

Aviation Sports in the Region