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“New in Berlin” helps newcomers get acquainted with Berlin when first arriving in the capital. This service provides an initial overview of the city, with the help of the official 3D city model.

For some it is the capital of start-ups and creative minds, for others a multicultural metropolis offering leisure and entertainment – Welcome to Berlin!

To many newcomers, Berlin seems extremely vast at the first glance. Coincidentally enough, the majority of Berliners spend most of their time not too far from home – in their “Kiez,” or neighborhood. What should New Berliners consider when moving to Berlin? Where do I need to register, how can I apply for a residence permit, and where I can find the right childcare?

The “New Berlin” app allows smartphone and tablet owners to always have Berlin at their fingertips wherever they are – as a three-dimensional model of the capital with plenty of detailed information. The app also offers brief profiles of the various districts and a variety of current housing offers as well as new-builds that are to be completed within the next 2 to 5 years.

The "New Berlin" app can be found and installed via the Apple App Store:

Screenshots on how to use it