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Berlin is has been mapped in a fully textured 3D format. The 3D model of Berlin opens up new dimensions for marketing the city.

What does Berlin look like today, and what might it look like tomorrow? The 3D model of Berlin allows viewers to look at the city as it is now, as it once was, and as the city it might turn into in the future. Using two- and three-dimensional geodata, we can visualize recent historical changes as well as future urban development projects.

Innovation in marketing Berlin as a location

The virtual presentation of Berlin as a site of business and industry in the 3D city model, combined with industry-specific data about Berlin's economy gives potential investors all the information they need at a glance. The model gives parties interested in locating to the city and investors a precise understanding of the location and surroundings of their future address in Berlin, allowing them to experience their neighborhood in advance.

Berlin's third dimension - using the 3D city model

Explore and experience Berlin in photorealistic 3D. We invite you to take a three-dimensional virtual walk through the capital. The 3D model of Berlin operates in two platforms that vary in terms of content and applications:

  • Economic Atlas Berlin
    A 3D model of the city is integrated into the Economic Atlas Berlin and is available to all Internet users. The 3D view of the Economic Atlas can be viewed from any modern Internet browser which supports WebGL and JavaScript. The observer can explore the whole model from any angle.

  • Berlin 3D – Download Portal
    The data of the Berlin 3D city model can be used as part of Berlin’s Open Data Initiative, free of charge and with formats geared to target groups. The Berlin 3D download portal is available by visiting the following link:

To create the 3D model of the city, about 540,000 buildings on 890 square kilometers were photographed from the air, and their roofs were measured with lasers. Detailed models were created of about 200 buildings and attractions, five of which can even be explored from inside. (Olympic Stadium, Sony Center, Reichstag, DZ-Bank, Ostkreuz and the Central Train Station).

The 3D city model is not a commercial project and it is not based on commercially available 3D models. It was developed and funded by the Senate Administration for Urban Development (Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung), the Senate Administration for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises (Senatsverwaltung für Wirtschaft, Energie und Betriebe), and Berlin Partner for Business and Technology.

Data Privacy

Any natural person who can claim that his or her right to self-determination with regard to personal information has been infringed upon by depictions in the 3D city model has the right to report the offending image and have it removed. In order to appeal the depiction of images in the 3D presentation or the solar evaluation of a particular building, please contact Berlin Partner for Business and Technology. Complaints should be submitted in writing (this includes by e-mail) to Berlin Partner for Business and Technology and should include an explanation. They can be sent to the address below. Complaints must include any evidence necessary for investigating the authorization to file such a claim and its validity (such as proof of ownership, lease agreement).
Please contact the Senate Department for Urban Development with questions about official areal images and maps.

Contact Berlin Partner for Business and Technology:
Birgit Steindorf
Head of Unit Business Location Center
Fasanenstrasse 85
10623 Berlin