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Employment promotion for continuing education programs

Employment promotion

The subsidies granted in Berlin under labor market programs are targeted towards placing people who are unemployed. They include:

  • Subsidies for promoting vocational education

The employment agencies can provide support to the employers- process of recruiting and hiring unemployed people as follows:

  • Training and professional qualification courses of up to two months prior to hiring;
  • Assessment center serving the preliminary selection of applicants;
  • Providing information for employers.

For further information, please contact the employment agency:

Employers can receive a subsidy (Eingliederungszuschuss) to compensate for the reduced performance of employees who, for personal reasons, are in need of financial assistance and have difficulty finding a job.

Vocational training

The Senate Department for Labour, Integration and Women's Affairs promotes measures for vocational guidance and continuing education.

The Berlin labor market initiative entitled "Qualifizierung für Beschäftigung" (Vocational Training for Employment) provides employment measures for people to develop vocational skills to enhance their employability in the open labor market.