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Berlin is home to a large number of institutions offering continuing education, training and professional development. From foreign languages to professional development, Berliners are getting the qualifications they need.

The demand for qualified specialists is high and professional development activities are on the rise among Berlin companies. Attractive continuing education, training and professional development opportunities offer employees the chance to gain specialized knowledge and credentials in order to meet the changing demands of their profession.

Berlin's numerous trade and technical schools offer diverse opportunities for professional development to specialists from every industry. They improve a worker's prospects for advancement and provide the Berlin labor market with a highly qualified workforce.

Trade and technical schools (Fachschulen) confer the following benefits:

  • The opportunity to begin work in a recognized profession requiring formal training with management responsibility or as an independent contractor
  • Specialized credentials
  • Entrance qualification for universities of applied science
  • Prospects for professional advancement

The Berlin Chamber of Skilled Crafts (Handwerkskammer Berlin) is constantly expanding its course program of modern technologies.

In addition, Berlin has a broad spectrum of professional development institutions in other fields, including foreign languages, secondary school certificates for returning students and civic education. Berlin offers space for personal growth!