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The diverse non-profit and charity landscape in Berlin offers a broad spectrum of support services and recreational activities for parents and children from all walks of life.

Every neighborhood has institutions that offer youth services, opportunities for encounters with other families, family counseling and family education. The parental and family education programs available in the city provide guidance and support for family and personal issues of every kind. Beginning with pregnancy and continuing to cover development during the first years of life and general parenting questions, these courses meet the needs of every segment of the population and people in every life circumstance. Berlin's Community Education Centers (Volkshochschulen) offer a multitude of parenting courses.

The state of Berlin supports family education projects and recreational initiatives for the whole family. These projects promote encounters between families so that families can plan shared recreational activities. Family education is there for all parents in Berlin, including legal guardians, single parents, grandparents, interested relatives and of course for children.