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Employees in Berlin

In 2016, Berlin continued to lay claim to its leading position in the national development of employment. For the fifth consecutive year, Berlin's employment numbers increased more than those of all the other federal states. The number of employed persons rose by 2.5 percent compared to the previous year, reaching 1.889.400 million. This enabled Berlin to continue its road to success: Since 2006 employment in Berlin has grown faster than the German average.

Employees by economic sector

in 1.000 Change in relation to
previous year in %
Employees Berlin 2016 1,889.4 2.5
Production industry 220.2 0.2
of which: Manufacturing industry 119.4 -0.2
Building industry 81.2 1.2
Trade, transport, hotel/catering, information and communication 505.7 3.5
Service providers in finance, insurance and consulting, real estate and housing 419.3 3.8
Public and private service provider 743.7 1.8

(Source: State Statistical Office for Berlin-Brandenburg, 2017)