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Berlin is a city of promotion

The capital has not only for many years attracted young people who come here to study, research and work. Berlin as a major city provides young professionals and experienced personnel with exciting professional challenges in different sectors. Family and professional lives are also easy to combine in Berlin.

The Team Talent Services assists your recruitment strategies in competing for the best talents at the business and science location Berlin through our knowledge of the specifics of Berlin’s labor market and our network with all actors in the field of human resources in Berlin.

Why Berlin?

Dr. Martina Niemann

»As a major corporation, we recruit staff in many cities and regions in all of Germany and Europe. The Business Recruiting Package has truly set the standard in this regard.«

Dr. Martina Niemann, Head of Personnel Management of the Intra-Group Job Market at Deutsche Bahn AG

Welcome to Berlin

  • Your new employees can take part in a welcoming tour beyond sightseeing in order to get to know the city as a good place to live.
  • You will receive a small welcoming package with useful information for your employees who are new to Berlin.


  • Market review: We will pass on your employment request to our HR network in Berlin. You will receive an assessment on the salary or the necessary recruitment period and find out if there are already candidates available within 48 h.
  • Applicant management: In case you don’t have an office and employees in Berlin, we will assist you in organizing and executing your first interviews.
  • Berlin Job Board: You advertise your vacancies cost-free on the job board. We will bring them to the attention of national and international professionals.
  • We assist you in creating a job ad and developing your recruitment strategy for Berlin’s market.
  • HR network: You receive Berlin-specific information on selected events, participation in joint appearances at national and international recruitment fairs as well as profiles of professionals from location safeguarding projects or unsolicited applications for Berlin. In addition, you can take part in special events.

Staff development /qualification/funding

  • We keep updating an overview of funding instruments and special offers for your staff development in Berlin.
  • We summarize for you the funding instruments on EU, federal and state levels and test their applicability for your company.
  • We consult, guide and assist you in initiating and applying for (funded) qualification programs.
  • We connect you with funding institutions, professionals and training service providers.
  • We initiate and accompany special projects (e.g. Call Center Recruiting Initiative).

Institutions of higher education/research/science

  • The science portal navigates you through the science and university location Berlin – with information, events and the Sciences Navigator.
  • Our access to departments and institutions of universities helps you addressing students and graduates and facilitates the participation in recruitment events at institutions of higher education.
  • An online cooperation platform connects scientists with companies in the field of research and development (R&D).
  • With the Germany Scholarship, you support and accompany tomorrow’s top employees.

Business Immigration Service

  • Document review and appointment service: We check the applications and documents prior to submitting and give useful information and hints.
  • We arrange appointments with the employer service of the foreigners' registration office.  
  • We write statements on the economic necessity of the vacancies in question for the authorities.