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Service providers and suppliers

Usually, the large lots are produced in the far East. But where smaller orders are concerned, custom tailored clothes, or sample collections, designers prefer to commission them from providers in the area. They are assisted by intermediaries who distribute work to independent contractors, private label sewing shops, manufacturers of ready-to-wear clothing and independent tailors.

Textile finishers "finish" clothing, shoes, bags and accessories as well as gray goods like fabrics, leather, or metals, especially in small volumes.

They print, embroider, pleat, crush and apply various appliqués and treatments to fabrics and leathers. Designers need access to these kinds of services locally.

Just 50 years ago, Berlin was known for its large textile workshops, but these moved overseas during the years of Germany's division and increasing labor costs.

Today, little gems are emerging again, not just in Berlin and Brandenburg, but also in nearby Lodz, Poland.

Designers also depend on photography agencies, marketing agencies, publicists and event and fashion show producers.

Service providers and suppliers