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The capital region ensures that its pool of highly qualified experts in life sciences and management staff is given all the support it needs.

Each year, the region’s universities produce 3,000 graduates in life sciences-related disciplines, including 750 graduates in biotechnology fields.

More than 20 universities, universities of applied sciences and academies offer over 90 degree programs and professional training in life sciences.

The region’s ongoing efforts to maintain and promote top-of-the-line training opportunities in industry-related fields are reflected, for example, in the institution of the degree courses MBA BioMedtech and MBA Clinical Trial Management as well as by the graduate schools established by research institutes.

The Max Delbrück Center has recently founded the “Helmholtz International Research School in Translational Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine TransCard.”

At the Charité University Hospital alone, nearly 7,000 students are trained in the medical departments of the Free University Berlin (FU) and Humboldt University Berlin (HU).