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Funding & financing

The states of Berlin and Brandenburg actively promote the biotech industry, working together with banks, venture capital firrms, the Business Angels Berlin-Brandenburg and various other initiatives in providing capital, funding and investment grants to companies in the sector.


  • Investment grants provided to companies as part of the Joint Task for the Improvement of Regional Economic Structures (GRW),
  • Special grants for R&D projects pursued by small and medium-sized companies in the form of allowances and/or investments and loans,
  • Attractive subsidy programs designed to assist companies in recruiting staff, as well as in training them further on the job and helping them acquire further qualifications.


A network of banks and venture capital firms offers financing solutions tailored to the needs of bioech companies in the capital region.

The state-owned venture capital firm IBB Bet Capital has been a powerful financial partner to the industry for many years now.