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Central location

Berlin’s strategic location in the heart of Europe allows you to reach not only the growth markets in Eastern Europe, but also all other important European economic regions via plane, highway, rail and even water routes.

Flight and travel times to Asia are cut by roughly two hours in comparison to other European airports. From here you can reach all major European cities in no more than two hours.

Business environment

The airport region also offers a smaller burden with respect to taxes and social security costs in comparison to similar regions in France, Italy, Poland and the Netherlands – as well as in comparison to other similar locations within Germany itself.

The region is home to the decision-making centers of major companies as well as a number of important medium-size companies. Here, you’ll find cooperation partners for research, development, production, sales and distribution.

The region‘s attractive financing opportunities mean that large-scale companies are eligible for subsidies of 30% – with small-scale companies even receiving up to 50%. One particular focus of this funding lies on the support of R&D projects.

Roughly 600 annual trade fairs and congresses with a total of more than 1.8 million visitors make Berlin Germany’s number one city for conferences.

Political center

The airport region is located at the political center of Germany. If you set up operations in the region, your company will profit from the close proximity to leading business and science associations, federal ministries and foreign embassies.

Highly qualified workforce

The regional labor market boasts a motivated, flexible and internationally competitive workforce. Among the 3.4 million inhabitants living in the Berlin metropolitan area alone, one finds a significant number of well-educated, young, creative and highly qualified managers and experts.

The high density of renowned educational institutions, such as the Freie Universität Berlin (FU), the Technische Universität Berlin (HU) and a number of international and European schools, guarantee a steady flow of well-educated and highly qualified young talent.

Affordable real estate

Rents in the German capital region are considerably lower than in other major cities and their environs. And yet, this advantage involves no loss in terms of quality of life.

Modern, high-tech office and commercial space for every use is available in large-scale industrial areas as well as in commercial areas located directly in the capital city’s urban environment. This makes the region ideal for everything from opening an initial representative office to setting up a company’s major headquarters.

Modern telecommunications infrastructure

Data transfer with a fully digitalized ISDN network is an essential component of the region’s IT structure. The standard here is higher than that of networks in the USA, for example, and also in Poland, and it provides state-of-the-art communication opportunities.

High quality of life

The new capital airport is located in a region characterized by a mix of vibrant metropolis and attractive countryside, and this has made it one of the most sought after addresses for living and working. Whether it’s an apartment in an exclusive downtown neighborhood or a villa on the waterside – in the airport region, there’s something for everyone.

Every day, people from about 190 nations take full advantage of the capital region’s rich cultural and recreational offerings, which include a number of famous palaces, museums and gardens.