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Those who want to start a business need appropriate infrastructure and instantly available office premises. With comparably low location costs and plenty of available space, Berlin provides start-ups with excellent starting conditions.

Berlin’s young entrepreneurs find appropriate technical infrastructure and networking opportunities in the numerous technolgy centers and business incubators. Start-ups benefit from affordable office space: the rent level in Berlin is significantly lower than in other international start-up hubs.

Furthermore, Berlin has the largest variety of coworking spaces in Germany. Coworking spaces are an ideal alternative for young start-ups that can’t afford their own offices yet. They moreover offer a good opportunity for exchange or to find new employees. In addition, new campuses emerge where several companies come together, for instance the start-up campus “The Factory”, supported by the online tycoon Google, or the Econa Internet Campus.

In addition, Berlin’s young entrepreneurs have numerous maker labs, open workshops and do-it-yourself workshops at their disposal. Here they can learn how to handle high-tech devices, pass on knowledge and easily test new ideas without having high acquisition costs.

At a glance:

  • Berlin has Germany’s most dense network of innovation and technology facilities.
  • Eight university spin-out centers at six higher education institutions and one at the Charité provide office space of ca. 4,000 m2 and workspace for around 600 founders.
  • Eight technology-oriented innovation and incubation centers, e.g. in Adlershof or Berlin-Buch, provide a total of ca. 120,000 m2 space. The facilities are administrated by the Innovations Center Management GmbH (IZBM).
  • Ten technology parks, particularly for companies in the healthcare industry, provide ca. 750,000 m2 of space.
  • Three research facilities, the Fraunhofer-Institut, the Max Planck Institute and the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres provide additional opportunities for young founders.
  • Berlin has the largest variety of coworking spaces in Germany.
  • Berlin is home to more than 120 experimental spaces, ranging from grassroot and coworking labs to university and company owned labs and incubators.

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